STEAM Pathways Please Help

Please Help

Thank you very much for considering how you can help pave paths to STEAM careers for our youth.

There’s a number of ways you can help:


To help us continue to grow our Pathways program, (computers, software, projects), please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to the STEAM Pathways program via our parter Little Engineers Education Foundation EIN: 84-4691655. Please mention “STEAM Pathways” when submitting a donation.
Many local employers will match your donations, effectively doubling your contibution!

Please share with us your company’s match program. You may be able to search here to see if your company matches, otherwise please check with your employer.

STEAM Pathways Coalition

Please consider brining your organization into the STEAM Pathways Coalition.


Would you like to support this and potential future offerings?  Email 


Please contact us at if you are interested in potentially donating some of your time. We are always interested in connecting with from local professionals who can share about 2 hours of their time in helping ‘coach’ our in person events.
If you are a STEAM professional, at the start of most of our events, we invite a STEAM professional share a “STEAM Minute”. During this time, this person shares with our participants a brief summary of the work they do and how it impacts the world/people around us.

A slide presentation is nice, but not necessary – a physical item to share always has a significant impact (i.e. computer board, civil engineering survey instrument, a motorized/robotic device, etc).

Please reach out to us if you can spare even just a few minutes in a “STEAM Minute”.

Thank you for considering!