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Coding Camp – Summer ’23

Steam Pathways introduced a new Summer coding camp at the Tektronics Steam Pathways Center this August.

This camp was led by one of our past participants, who’s now a Computer Science student in one of our local high schools.

Thank you, Bennett Ptak, for building the curriculum and teaching the students programming basics using the Java language to control a Minecraft character interacting with their world, building structures, and everyone’s favorite, Parkour !! 🏃🏻

Parkour programming challenge
Parkour programming challenge

The students learned flow-control (loops, conditionals, etc), methods and debug! They had a great time sharing some very clever solutions to tricky problems.

STEAM Pathways is honored to have recently received an amazing gift from very generous donors. This enabled us purchase several powerful new modern Levovo laptops, which performed exceptionally for our teacher and campers.

It will be so nice to be able to use more stable systems for all of our activities going forward, allowing us to focus on one-another and the activities, instead of rebooting/reinstalling. Thank you so very much!

Please let us know if this activity would be interesting to you/your kiddos and we’ll work on expanding or possibly running the camp again.

Original Registration

  • 3 days 3 hours
  • Mobile eTicket

Learn coding through engaging coding projects using Java inside of the game of Minecraft.

New to Coding? Come join us and pick up a new skill.

  • STEAM Summer Coding Camp – For Students 5th – 10th Grades
  • Camp daily Tu-Fr from 1pm-4pm; 8/22-8/25 at BESThq  (Limited to 15 participants)
  • Learn More about our STEAM Pathways Program

This workshop is suitable for students aged 9 -16 who are interested in learning coding in a creative environment. It will draw upon their creativity as well as critical thinking skills while learning new programming concepts which are applied to the projects they develop. The workshop is perfect for children with an experience level looking to learn the Java programming language in an entertaining way, but is tailored to those with little to no coding experience.

Learning Outcomes

  • Introduction to Java
  • Learn algorithms, sequencing, loops, conditionals and object oriented programming
  • Applying coding knowledge to solve puzzles

The goals for this program are to create a collaborative setting with a small group of students from different backgrounds to increase creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving skills, and to introduce STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) as possible careers.

Below is a video highlighting notable figures who emphasize the importance of STEAM:

PC, Java based; Ok to bring your machine/laptop, yet we have laptops available.

Waiver and Release form for STEAM Pathways – all participants required to provide signed copy of form.

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